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Specializing in Indian cuisine.


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Rangoli Indian Cuisine Reviews on Grubhub


Top Reviewer
Always delicious and the tandoori chicken is always juicy and tasty and is never dry...
This place always makes sure to send a sample of tamarind sauce, raita, green hot sauce and mango chutney


1 review
Great Indian food! I always order the railroad curry, gobi, garlic naan, and a mango lassi. Delicious!


Top Reviewer
Always delicious. Combo is decent sized. Couldn't finish in one sitting. Always prompt delivery.


1 review
response time faster than expected, that was unusual and so was the food. We loved it!


4 reviews
Great Food! Delicious and generous. I would surely recommend it to a friend. Enjoy!

Reviews from Seamless.com

Rangoli Indian Cuisine Reviews on Seamless


Top Reviewer
Surprising business model and quantity for price. Quality of food can't be beat. Takeout through Seamless yields larger portion sizes than eating at the restaurant. The Rangoli Special where you get an appetizer and entree is a great deal and here's why: they will tell you that you get more of the main course if you order it alone, but both come in different 16 oz (1 pint) containers. Not sure they realize each container holds the exact same volume. Also, much cheaper to order naan through the special at an extra buck compared to the $4 for garlic naan a la cart. Lastly, you have to ask for extra rice. We just ordered $70 worth of food and they gave a single small container.


Top Reviewer
Extremely tasty food. The naan was the highlight of the meal and every dish was so flavorful. They had all the spices perfectly blended . Even though I ordered by food as takeout, I enjoyed my short stay in the restaurant. It felt like the entire place was infused with the Indian aroma of their food. The music was great, too. To top it all off, the staff was super friendly. I love every aspect of this place!


4 reviews
the food was fresh, arrived within the specified time, even the delivery guy was friendly! Had the Malai Kofta deal (with Samosa and naan) and the Mushroom Paneer Curry, both very delicious and not too heavy. Very fair pricing, too, will definitely order from them again and visit the restaurant itself soon, great addition to the neighborhood!


2 reviews
Unbelievably consistent in a good way. Every dish exceeds expectation of quality, quantity, flavor, taste, and overall satisfaction. If you are look for authentic Indian cuisine that is both delicious and a good value, dont hesitate to order from (or visit) Rangoli on the upper east side.


3 reviews
I get the combo special here probably about once a week. It has been equally good every time. Food arrives hot like its fresh out of the kitchen. Sauce and meat are perfect. Naan is out of this world for the price. Consistent and delicious. 5 stars every time. Thanks fellas, keep it up.

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